Irina Shayk for Intimissimi

At the end came the awaited day! 
Viewed: Irina Shayk visiting Madrid to introduce us the new collection of  The Perfect Bra for Intimissimi (C/Goya 151).
I’ve had the luck to meet her in person, and the first think that I must say it’s that she is soooo NICE tan pretty.
She has write her autograph to all the people (like me) that have been waiting under the rain! It’s been a very cold morning, but the reward was worth it. 😀
In the interview before, one of the things that caught my attention was these words: “Sophia Loren is my beauty icon. But do not judge women by their appearance alone, for me a beautiful woman is educated, smart, nice  That’s being beautiful. The most beautiful is inside us and not outside”.
The top… and me
My autographed card!
 I really like this new collection, and I already had many bras from Intimissimi, because it’s true that they suit you so well, and you can find many colors and models.

Hope that she comes back soon! 
 With part of the Intimissimi’s team
 Hope you like it!