About me

Marta Carriedo is a Spanish entrepreneur and content creator. Marta studied Economy and worked for 4 years in auditing at PwC before starting her career in the fashion industry.

She is the founder of the digital marketing agency Draw Studio, where she work as a marketing consultant and she organise exclusive events for her clients too. She lived between Madrid and Los Angeles for 5 years, that’s why she has a really good and diversified audience and she works with the best brands worldwide. She is a business woman that will continue growing in the marketing industry.

Her main goal in business is to CONNECT: people, brands, marketing strategies, … create synergies with common goals and team work.


My book

Book about Marta Carriedo’s life and her professional career in the fashion world. Marta opens her heart in this book showing the most intimate aspects of her life: her childhood, her loves, her fears and concerns, aspirations, ideologies, etc.



Marta's passion for fashion and small details has led her to enter this world of design, where she wants to show the world the importance of product quality and small details.

Life Style

On this blog, I show you everything I do every day: my trips, my work in fashion and my lifestyle in general.


As Marta is a public figure she uses to go to the most important fashion events worldwide. She loves taking part in social causes to try to do her best to help others.