Capri trousers

 Today I want to talk about an article that caught my attention yesterday. As Vogue magazine tells us, HEREcapri pants are definitely in fashion.
One of the first women that wore them were Grace Kelly (I’ve got even the last official book of her life) and Audrey Hepburn (I love almost all her movies), who felt liberated from skirts and dresses, maintaining elegance and femininity.
 I’ve been wearing different kind of capri trousers that I’ve shown you in my posts… do you remember this white night wiht this white jeans which are a must have for this summer?  Or what about one of my great discoveries, this studded leggings that many of you told me how much you like them? I could continue with many other pants with florar print, military green, black… but the main feature for all of them is that they are capri style. And what is this? what means “capri”?
Well, in few words, a capri trouser is a pant that goes between the middle and the end of the leg and they stylized as any. You can find many with zippers on the sides, or you can do it by yourself too! As you have seen in many of my outfits, I usually make a fold at the end of my jeans so that they are shorter. But they stylized even more if you wear heels… That’s the perfect outfit for me: a capri pant with heels and a simple shirt! 😉
 Models afterwork…
 And here you have my favorite fashion icons wearing capri trousers:
Alexa Chung
Poppy Delevigne
Sienna Miller
Kate Moss
Olivia Palermo (my fav fashion icon because I think that my style is similar to hers)
 This is one of my favs looks, and she’s wearing a jacket like mine from Camden Town market that I showed you yesterday! Link: Oxford style jacket
 Finally, here we have a fashion confrontation: Poppy vs Olivia. Who do you think is wearing these capri jeans better? 
I wait for your answers!