Shopping in Madrid

One of the things that I like most from Madrid is walking through Fuencarral Street. I ate something in a terrace bar and then I made some shopping. ūüėČ
In this famous street you can fin all the high street brands.
I usually go to Fuencarral Market, to shop in some less known stores were there are very fashion clothes too, and not everyone wears. Mainly I buy at Kling and Pepaloves stores. They have a summer collection with bright and pastel colors, very fashionable this year. I recommend you to go.
Me: I was wearing Zara‘s jacket, Kling‘s dress and¬†Top Shop‘s ballerinas. The handbag is from Bimba&Lola.
Dress detail
Like a dancer or what?!
Ending the day, we found this…


This is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen! It’s a chau chau dog, and I’ve fallen in love with! Haven’t you?
Kling Shop
 Pepaloves Shop
I give you the links to the web sites if you want to shop online:
Kling web site:
Pepaloves web site: