Football time

Aunque reconozco abiertamente que soy del Real Madrid casi de nacimiento, también tengo que reconocer que me encanta el fútbol como deporte. Lo practiqué desde pequeña, por lo que cuando juega un equipo, me encanta verlo siempre que puedo, y más si es de mi ciudad. 
Por eso anoche estuve en el partido de Champions que enfrentaba al Atlético de Madrid contra el Hannover, y fue un partidazo. A parte del ambiente que genera la espectacular afición del Atleti, también los jugadores se ganaron la victoria, con goles de Falcao y Salvio.
Las gradas
Atlético de Madrid
Tiago, Diego y Salvio calentando
Prensa y entrevistas en el descanso
Y cómo no… Simeone
 Álvaro Domínguez calentando… Quiero agradecerle que me diese su camiseta al finalizar el partido, ¡GRACIAS!
 Mi outfit
 Cazadora de cuero: Zara
Jersey: Tequila Solo
Vaqueros: Abercrombie & Fitch
Botines: Zara

Hoy tengo que hacer mil cosas, entre otras terminar la maleta ¡que ya empieza semana santa! Os escribiré desde la playita, en unos días que aprovecharé para relajarme, comer bien y tomar el sol…


Expo Nacho Crespo

¡Hola a todos!
Quiero dedicar mi post de hoy a mi amigo Nacho Crespo, y al increíble trabajo que realiza. Él es capaz de pintar cuadros sin levantar el lálpiz del papel.Sí sí, como lo veréis ahora… ¡pero no cualquier cuadro! Su última PEDAZO DE OBRA ha sido dibujar (insisto, ¡sin levantar el lápiz del papel!) nada más y nada menos que el cuadro de Velázquez, LAS MENINAS.
Evidentemente, es un artista de los pies a la cabeza, y aquí os dejo algunas fotos de los pasos que ha seguido hasta alcanzar la obra final, así como de la ropa que ya vende, y sus nuevos proyectos. 
!Espero que os guste porque a mí me encanta todo!
 !La obra final! Con todos los detalles explicados…
 Unos 150 animales…
 ¡Colección primavera/verano 2013 para HOSS INTROPIA!
 Nacho y yo 😉
My outfit

 Mis nuevos anillos de Aristocrazy y mi reloj que ya conocéis de Folli Follie

Spring has come!

Enjoying my last sunny day of the weekend, I went out to have lunch on sunday. It was such a good day that we ate in the restaurante terrace… amazing!
As you already know, salmon is one of my «must have» colors for this season, so I chose this shirt that I bought in Camden Town market the last time I went to London.
Blouse and velt.
Pretty woman… walking down the stairs…
 With my new Ipad! <3 It's very useful for me because I can do everything in my blog at any place!
Jacket: TopShop
Blouse: Camden Town Market
Jeans: Zara
Ballerinas: Zara
Velt: Mango
Handbag: H&M
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Another shop where I buy wonderful clothes: 

Let’s start a new week, good luck! <3 <3

My bday!!

Something happens with the number 23. I mean, Michael Jordan, David Beckham, LeBron James… Big stars with a big number. I think 23 it’s a lucky number for many people but at least for me it has been, because it’s the day I was born!! 
For my party bday I chose this green water dress, with beige details at the waist. I bought it like 2 months ago, and I was waiting for the perfect occasion. Which better than my bday! 
My complements…
The dress
 The most special gift I had! 4 boxes of chocolate cupcakes with my name, the name of my blog, Happy Bday… Thanx Bea! <3
Hope you like it! 
Enjoy this sunny day, I’ll do!

Maxi skirt

I couldn’t wait to wear one of my news maxi skirts! First of all I like the color (salmon is one of my favourites colors for these seasons) but what I really love is the shape of the skirt: long, gauzy and very comfortable for the summer time.
I’ve combined the skirt with my black leather jacket, a basic shirt and a colorful scarf.
Look at me!
Just me…
Leather jacket: Zara
T-shirt: Zara
Maxi skirt: Mango
Boots: Hazel 
Scarf: Bimba & Lola
Ring: Aristocrazy

PD: today is MY BDAY! So I’ll post u my look for tonight! 😉

Showroom Biombo

This morning I’ve been in Biombo’s showroom, of my friend María Molins.
You can find a lot of french brands like Virginie Castaway, Dress Gallery, Ambre Babzoe y Gat Rimon. 
Also there are clothes from the london brands Goldie, Ducie or Blush, as well as the Yumi Kim from New York. 
There are all kind of dresses, handbags, shirts, vests… in all the fashion colors for this summer. Hoss, Malababa or Les Petites are other brands that you can find in this showroom too.
I post you some pics that I’ve taken this morning. Hope you like it! And of course I recommend you to go, because it’s only open until saturday!
 Some of my shoppings…
 With María! 😉
 My jewelry
I was wearing:
Shirt: Sister Jane
Jeans: Zara
Jewelry: Aristocrazy and TopShop

The runaway!

Enjoying these free days, I decided to scape from the city to relax. I’ve been in a Hotel Spa in Lloret de Mar (Girona), relaxing, tanning ( I’ve had a very sunny days) and visiting all the small villages around. 
These were the views from my room.
My beach outfit
Tossa de Mar… The castle
The views
I also visited Blanes, which has a wonderful seaport.
Jersey: H&M
Shorts: Top Shop
Have a very nice week!

Shopping in Madrid

One of the things that I like most from Madrid is walking through Fuencarral Street. I ate something in a terrace bar and then I made some shopping. 😉
In this famous street you can fin all the high street brands.
I usually go to Fuencarral Market, to shop in some less known stores were there are very fashion clothes too, and not everyone wears. Mainly I buy at Kling and Pepaloves stores. They have a summer collection with bright and pastel colors, very fashionable this year. I recommend you to go.
Me: I was wearing Zara‘s jacket, Kling‘s dress and Top Shop‘s ballerinas. The handbag is from Bimba&Lola.
Dress detail
Like a dancer or what?!
Ending the day, we found this…


This is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen! It’s a chau chau dog, and I’ve fallen in love with! Haven’t you?
Kling Shop
 Pepaloves Shop
I give you the links to the web sites if you want to shop online:
Pepaloves web site:


Spring is coming!

One week before spring begins!!
And I have already begun to sunbathe enjoying these sunny days. I don’t usually go to work with make-up, because it’s very important for our skin to let it «breathe». So I prefer a natural tan.
I really like all the colors that are in fashion for this summer, such as this fluoro pink. 
I’m wearing a total look from Zara (shirt, studded skirt and ballerinas).
My watch
Do you have a trip for this weekend? I do! Next week I’ll post you some pics…
If you travel, enjoy it! If you don’t, enjoy these hot days!

Other page to by cheap & fashion clothes (Miss Me):

And the advertisement everybody is talking about today… Collection 2012 from Loewe

White night

Any other night, going out with my friends to have dinner and some drinks…
Jacket: Zara
T-shirt: Zara
Vest: Massimo Dutti
White jeans: Zara
Heels: Zara
Belt: Mango
Foulard: Zara

Have a nice weekend!